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Unreadable satellite image when creating new design on Google Maps.

If you are designing your installation using Google Maps and the graphics quality is poor, unfortunately we cannot help.The quality of satellite images depends only on the company from which the images come. The only solution in such a situation is to create a visualization using a photo of the object.


How to calculate the minimum distance between PV panels?

The minimum distance between rows of PV panels when placed on the ground in an open space or on a flat roof is important to avoid the shading effect. The choice of this distance is closely related to our geographic location, as well as the dimensions of our panel, its orientation and the angle that...


I added panels to the previously prepared mesh in the visualization, but I cannot save the project. The following information is displayed: “Generate panel before before you start editing their layout”.

Information displayed by the application when we want to save the project. Most likely, the project has another surface drawn on which no panel has been generated. You should go back to the Draw areas step and delete the unnecessary surface. Returning to the Draw areas tab, we can see that we have created a...


Can I add my PV panels to the visualization?

When creating a visualization on a sloping roof or using Google maps, the user can use the public warehouse database or add a panel by himself in the Add panel option – the function is available only to users with administrator permission! We will be able to use the photovoltaic panels that we have added...