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How can I download the documentation to my computer?

To download the created documentation, select the Download option in the program that we use to open the offer. The file will be downloaded in PDF format. An example of downloading from Google Chrome is shown below.


How to generate a created project proposal?

To get documentation, to send it to the client / see the final effect, open the created project and then select the Send proposal tab. After this action, our browser will open the documentation and we can view it. The individual points of the documentation were explained in the next step!


A detailed overview of report (proposal) elements.

The following sections provide a detailed overview of the elements included in the report. 1. Adapting the PV system (Page 2):          A) Your current electricity bill: In this section, the customer can see how much he currently spends on electricity in a year (1) and monthly (2), as well as see electricity price forecasts...