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Can I add my own inverters to the project valuation?

When determining the valuation items to be included in the report, it is possible to add inverters. You can choose from a public database (public warehouse) or add an inverter yourself (Add an inverter) by entering its basic rating data needed for the analysis. The inverter that has been added by us will be able...


How can I create a valuation for a project?

To do this, open the created project and then select the Valuation tab. Then we choose whether the offer is to include VAT or take into account the discount and select the currency in which the valuation is to be made. Next, we define the values of the Items on the Valuation: Panels, Inverter and...


The step-by-step project valuation instruction.

If the Evaluate button is inactive, go back to the previous steps in the project. 1. Setting the currency, discount and Tax: 2. Determining the price of the panels:          The selected panels and their amount are automatically taken from the visualization and placed in the project. At this stage, we enter the unit net...