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The building for which I am preparing the offer is not on Google Maps and the roof is flat. The only graphics I have are photos from the drone. How can I prepare a report for the facility?

Using drone photos (Bird’s-eye view) to design installations is a feature we are currently working on. We know that it will greatly improve your work in preparing offers for clients. Until then, the design in the photos is not suited to design on flat roofs. We suggest that you try to position the panels “manually”...


To create a project using Google Maps, I open a new visualization and the loading wheel is constantly spinning. I cannot load an image from the maps. I cannot create a new visualization.

Such a problem may result from the web browser you are using – we suggest trying another one. The proper operation of the application may also block cookies saved by the browser. The link contains information on how to delete cookies: https://pomoc.home.pl/baza-wiedzy/jak-wyczyscic-pamiec-podreczna-i-pliki-cookie-w-przegladarce.