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Best PV system customer proposal – how should it look like ?

Designers and salesmen of PV systems often have problems with generating proper customer proposals. Good customer proposal should include many different elements like visualizations and financial analysis. In the other hand such proposal can take a lot of time and effort. It is very hard to create personalized customer proposal that include all necessary elements in...


PV system next to Parthenon

Parthenon is a former temple from 438 BC build in Greek Akropolis. Tough history The history of Parthenon is quite tough- many times its architecture was plundered or modified, in fifth century it was transformed into Christian church and in 1458 into mosque. PV system We decided to check how the surroundings of Parthenon could make use of solar...


PV system on football stadium

There are over 12,000 football stadiums installed all over the world in more than 224 countries. Even those with the most sophisticated shapes are great object to use for photovoltaic plants. See some of the PV plants designed in EasySolar app. Brazil invests in solar stadiums It’s incredible that all stadiums in Brazil have more...