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The Sphinx with the neighbouring PV plant

The Sphinx sunbathing in Egyptian sunlight has company- a PV system installed nearby! For the moment just in the design created by EasySolar app. The peak power of the plant next to the Sphinx is equal to 98,08 kWp. In these conditions, modules of 265 Wp power will generate  169,62 megawatt hours a year! Modules were planned to...


Free webinar from EasySolar app will take place next Thursday

Webinar series is starting from the next week! Webinar schedule During free on-line training you will learn about: account settings adding new customer and projects, PV system planning, inverter and module configuration financial analysis customer proposal generation Webinar registration The webinar will take place on ClickMeeting platform next Thursday, on the 18th of June, 10.00 a.m....


PV in Venice with EasySolar app

The 101,5 kWp PV plant in beautiful Venice could produce 140 MWh a year and help reducing 52,19 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. And how about your roof? Check EasySolar app. The modules used for this project are 385 units of Q-cells Q-PEAK of 265 Wp. Note, that if newer generation of modules would be...


Design-on-image function in EasySolar – check how it works

New design-on-image feature will help you prepare quick residential PV schemes. Check our tutorial! Why design-on-image is best for pitched roofs? Design-on-image feature allows app users to place PV modules on 3D objects quickly and simply, which makes it a good solution for pitched roof design and residential solar sales. It takes just few clicks...


Design-on-image feature is a good solution for pitched roof design

The Design-on-image feature allows users to place PV modules on 3D objects quickly and simply, which makes it a good solution for pitched roof design and residential solar sales, the company emphasizes. Pitched roof design EasySolar (Poznan, Poland) has activated a new tool in its solar photovoltaic (PV) design app. “It takes just few clicks...


CEO of EasySolar about Polish PV market

Good news for Poland today- Renewable Energy Act was approved and signed by Polish president! Meanwhile, in an interview with WNP, ‪CEO‬ of ‪EasySolar‬, Marcin Dolata, gives his enthusiastic opinion about  ‪Polish‬‪ photovoltaic‬ ‪market‬. Read more


East-west oriented systems the future of flat roof PV?

Interest in installing PV Systems on east-west roofs is increasing. Although south-oriented modules produce more energy, east-west (WE) can generate substantial earnings since they adapt better to load profile, especially in residential PV systems. From the perspective of grid operators, WE systems are preferred because the energy is fed-in more evenly throughout the day. By...


A new experience of photovoltaic design

A new experience of photovoltaic design will be introduced by the new EasySolar app. Photovoltaic design with EasySolar app It is the first software that will use Cloud-based technology, so that solar projects can be easily managed, shared and modified on any device (let it be laptop, tablet, or smartphone). Read more in January-February issue...


Cloud technology can help providing solar energy

Cloud technology is applied to help solar pros via EasySolar app. Cloud technology to design PV plants Cloud technology has already had a major impact in the IT industry. At this moment the cloud technology’s main benefit is the highly compelling cost and time saving. Moreover, this technology has an interest in increasing the general effectiveness....

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