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Frequently asked questions and answers!

07) Customer and project settings

If, despite the fact that the street is not on the Google map, and we know where the investment will be located, we can place a pin on the map or enter the appropriate geographic coordinates of the object.

If we cannot provide the street / house number, we recommend that you make the above-mentioned proposal.


The client’s address and the project’s address, although they are usually the same, when editing one of these values, it is important where we edit it.

When creating the first and subsequent project for a client, the address in the project will be copied from the Details tab.

Please note that when editing the address in Details, the one in the Projects tab will remain unchanged, and vice versa. If we want both values to be changed to the new address, we have to do it in both Details and Projects.

In the following video examples, we have shown how it looks in practice.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 1 – changing the customer’s address without changing the project’s address,

Video 2 – changing the project address without changing the customer address.

Such action results from the fact that two different projects with two different locations can be prepared for one client. Then, in the Details tab, the customer’s address is given, while in Projects we have the addresses of individual projects of this customer.

Yes, you can do it by opening the menu – clicking the three dots next to the client’s name. (Shown in the video below).

To perform one of the operations included in the question, open the menu in the Project header tab (three dots) and select the option you are interested in. (Shown in the video below).

Yes, to do that open the Add option by pressing the plus (+) in the Project header tab.


There is no view of previously created projects, it results from the applied filter of customer creation dates.. This filter can be modified by changing the Create Before and Create After dates.

By default, the system only shows clients created in the last year.


An example of adding a new project to the client is presented in video below.