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Frequently asked questions and answers!

05) Company settings

You cannot edit the phone number yourself.
At the moment, please use the Chatbot (bottom right corner) by selecting the Contact with us or send an e-mail to support@easysolar-app.com.
Enter a new phone number in the text, and we will change it in the system.

The possibility of changing the number will be introduced in the next update of our system!

In this moment we have just only one logo size, which is in prepared documentations.

The ability to change the size of the logo will be possible in the next update of our EasySolar app!

Please send an email to support@easysolar-app.com or use the Chatbot “Contact us” option. Please provide new data and information what is to be changed.

In this moment we do not have such a possibility, but the option will be added in the next update of our application.

You can set just one color. Please include information about your main color when you will send us the information to the footer.
In this year we will add functionality that will allow you to edit the entire look of the offer much more!

The logo can be set in the Company settings tab.

Contact and color details in accordance with the your’s company colors should be sent by e-mail to support@easysolar-app.com. The color can be sent in the form of a color code and / or a business card or logo from which we can choose the main colors of your company.