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Frequently asked questions and answers!

02) User's account

The most important thing is whether the user had an employee, administrator or owner profile. If it was employee or admin profile it is not a problem to delete this profile from company account. You can write an email to our adress support@easysolar-app.com with request to do this action.

Whereas, if the user had the owner profile and you have only employee or admin profile, we need to get a request to change the account owner directly from the current owner. We cannot change the account owner without him explicit permission.

Category: 02) User's account

First of all, check that you are logging in to the correct e-mail address. Then we recommend you to clear Cookies in your browser. Here you can check how to do that.

If the above-mentioned suggestions do not help, please contact us by email support@easysolar-app.com or our Chatbot (on the right below).

Category: 02) User's account