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EasySolar Premium is already available for users!

We are pleased to announce that the new photovoltaic app for designers, sales reps, and managers – EASYSOLAR PREMIUM IS ALREADY AVAILABLE!!! ?☀️⚡??? You can find the app here: A new account registration is required and after that, you will receive a FREE 30-DAY ACCESS TO THE APP! ??? Due to the number of...


EasySolar Premium – designing photovoltaic systems on picture

Take a look why the new way of designing photovoltaic systems on pictures will be better than the recent one and why EasySolar Premium will be the best design tool on the market, especially to design systems on a pitched roof, because there is no even similar solution available on market to the one developed...


Smartflower – all-in-one photovoltaic system that follows the sun

With the fact that solar energy is not only rooftop systems and solar plants we have seen many times. Renewable energy sources gain more and more popularity through the whole world and the need for energy independence grows with each passing day. So it is no wonder that pv market grows at such fast pace...


The United Kingdom for the first time in 135years without coal energy

Last Friday, 21 April, National Grid has informed that, The United Kingdom, for the first time since the industrial revolution has not used coal energy for 24hours. On Tuesday, for the first time since the use of fossil fuels began, the only remaining power plant on the islands – West Burton 1, was shut down...


Powered by solar and wind, self-sufficient tiny house

Winter behind us, summer is getting closer and closer. What about this year go somewhere far, to the most remote corner of the world? Thanks to designed by a Slovak company, self-sufficient Ecocapsule houses there will be possible to enjoy natural beauty of our planet, without worry about lack of energy or water. Powered by...