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A new experience of photovoltaic design

A new experience of photovoltaic design will be introduced by the new EasySolar app. Photovoltaic design with EasySolar app It is the first software that will use Cloud-based technology, so that solar projects can be easily managed, shared and modified on any device (let it be laptop, tablet, or smartphone). Read more in January-February issue...


Grab a free subscription for This Solar PV Design App

If you’re solar-curious, and want to know more about the costs, benefits, and designs for integrating a solar PV system for your home or business, or if you’re a solar PV professional looking for more tools to aid you in your work, a new app could allow you to do that, right from your smartphone...


EasySolar app: Cloud technology has conquered IT, now it’s time for PV?

Photovoltaics market is driven by constant technological development. Numerous innovations in photovoltaics on manufacturing level and energy use optimisation solutions have contributed to decrease in costs of this technology. This time there has appeared the innovative solution for photovoltaics dedicated to designing and dimensioning process.  EasySolar App Easysolar is an application for photovoltaics that uses...


Cloud technology can help providing solar energy

Cloud technology is applied to help solar pros via EasySolar app. Cloud technology to design PV plants Cloud technology has already had a major impact in the IT industry. At this moment the cloud technology’s main benefit is the highly compelling cost and time saving. Moreover, this technology has an interest in increasing the general effectiveness....


EasySolar, example of how the cloud can help produce energy from the sun?

EasySolar goes together with the trend that mobile and online technologies are strongly hitting the market and inspiring many companies to shift their activities. EasySolar and cloud technology EasySolar is the first app that has applied cloud technology to design PV plants. It will allow you to perform quick dimensioning on any device, let it...