EasySolar PV design tool
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Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in EasySolar

Offer and PDF report that delights

The time and appearance of your offer are the two most important factors determining sales.

Save Time

Saving 1-2 hours on each offer gives huge savings of time and money on a monthly basis.

Work Faster

Time is the most important factor in sales.  After the sales meeting prepare offers even in 5 minutes.

Impress Customers

Customers buy with their eyes. Impress them by sending a beautiful report with solar panels designed in the picture.

Sell More

Prepare more attractive offers and send them very quickly, and your sales will increase.

Build a Team

At EasySolar, each member of your team has an independent account, clients and projects.

Develop your Company

By selling more and building a team, your company will grow faster. Start now with EasySolar.

Start with the basic plan where you get up to two independent accounts. Along with the increase of the team, add independent accounts. Each account will have access only to its own clients and projects, so the entire database of your clients will be secure.

Unlimited access

  • Up to two independent accounts for you and your co-worker.
$ 35
per month
7 days free trial

+ 1 user

  • An additional account with the access only to own clients and projects.
$ 18
per month