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* We recommend using the browser Google Chrome


Microinverters can be added to the project just as inverters. Additionally, the efficiency can be set in company settings.

To register, go to and create new account filling the form. You will receive the activation link on your mailbox. To activate your account, click on the activation link and log in with your e-mail and password.




Note: If you didn’t receive e-mail with activation link, check whether the message was classified as spam or if the settings of your mailbox reject automatic messages.

To remind password, go to and click on remind password. Check your mailbox.


Note: The password cannot be restored if you did not activate your account clicking on activation link.

Access to all web and mobile app is provided within one account.

If this problem appears in your browser check:

  • if the PV design was saved to create a proposal
  • if pop up windows are not blocked in your browser to generate a pdf

You can pay via PayPal in subscriptions choosing best plan for you. You can monitor your subscription plan payments from payments section.


Account data can be changed in account settings in the left bar. Remember that in case you change your e-mail address and saving it, you will have to log in with a new e-mail address.



One of the reasons your payment cannot be completed is that you don’t have enough money on your account. If this is the case, transfer missing amount of money. It can be also temporary technical problem of PayPal service. Try again.

If you still have a problem, contact us: If you wish to receive pro forma invoice, make a traditional bank payment or pay your subscription plans based on invoices, contact us.

The only person who owns your files and other account data is you. You are free to have access to all data and use it in any way you want at any time. In the meantime, we host it for you in the cloud.

If you have licence for EasySolar App and you want to add another user  you must:

1. Create new project (if you haven't created any project yet).



2. Open "My Projects".


3. Share a project by clicking "Add User" button.


4. Write new user's email and press "Add" button.


5. After you add new user, he will recieve an email with activation link. When he clicks it, he will get full access to his account on EasySolar App.



Remember!!! Number of your users is related to variant of your monthly subscription plan.

Check 11 steps with EasySolar:

We also recorded our webinar for you:

If you wish to design on flat roofs, you should choose map or sketch design tool. (If Google map is not accurate enough see 2.5.)

Check how to use Google Maps for your flat roof design:

Check how to use sketch for your flat roof design:

The simplest way to design inclined roofs is via image design.

What kind of images are best?

  • a photo taken during site visit or send from your customer
  • a Street View screenshot
  • a map screenshot
  • a technical sketch screenshot

The easiest way to design ground-mounted systems is to find the area on Google maps (design on maps). Optionally, you can use the sketch tool and insert necessary dimensions.

If you want to use Google StreetView in your projects you must:


  1. Choose ON MAP method of creating PV design.
  2. Set your location.
  3. Drag StreetView icon near your location and aim your roof.
  4. Click confirm.



Check example of customer proposal based
on Google StreetView:

New sales strategy of PV systems


Screenshot (10)

Google maps are currently the most reliable and updated source for project development on a map. In case some regions are not updated by Google Maps and are inaccurate, you can always use sketch design tool and insert the necessary dimensions or take a screenshot of available local map and download this screenshot as an image file.

To add users to your projects:

1. Open "My Projects".



2. Share a project by clicking "Add User" button.


3. Write new user's email and press "Add" button.


4. After you add new user, he will recieve an email with activation link. When he clicks it, he will get full access to his account on EasySolar App.

When purchasing subscription plan for plural accounts, one of them will have admin account funtion. The owner of this account sees all projects of their co-workers sharing only projects he wishes to share.

In EasySolar you can add your own cost categories and present the price quote in 2 different ways: either with detailed cost of each category or as a unit price in your currency per Watt-peak.

To edit your customer proposal go to your project in the left side menu and modify the data in the particular sections (pv area, component selection, etc.) that you want to change and save changes.

Check our video to see how our colourful project management platform works!

Also, check how to use our intelligent search engine:

Colourful project management platform integrates projects from your site visit with your office projects:

  1. Take notes during the meeting
  2. Define statuses (company jargon welcome)
  3. Assign statuses
  4. Use smart project search engine
  5. Share projects

To change status of your project, go to list of your projects.


Then, click on the current status of your project and change it.



If you want to create your own status of your project go to company settings.


Then you click on definig status button and rename your status.




If you have a problem with filling all spaces during process of creating new customer proposal please click "i" button (help).


To make your customer proposal more attractive you can add own comments to your proposal. If you want to add them click on CUSTOMER PROPOSAL SETTINGS (1).



Next you can create under some segments of your customer proposal your own comments (2). Please remember that not under each segment of customer proposal you can create commentaries.



To create a comment under segment of customer proposal it must be activated (3). Remember that you have to save/generate project (4) to save your comments.

This means that when you were creating PV arreas, you didn't open the new project before.

To erase areas that you don't want to assign to this project, go back to your project to PV array options and when you find the area you want to erase just click a button remove (the X button on the grey area).

Adding multiple PV areas is useful if your PV project adds up few subarrays of modules mounted in different positions, for example eastern and wester rooftop, or flat and inclined area.

Values of irradiation in EasySolar app are based on NASA irradiation statistical data from years 1983-2005 and are different for each location.


To calculate daily energy production EasySolar is using declination of the Sun for each day of the year and latitude.

Ecological benefits of PV system are based on avoided CO2 emmision.
Exact value of CO2 emmision is equal to average emission during generating  1kWh by conventional power plant.



Such a project can be made by filling in the energy self-consumption on 100% level. Then, it can be added to price quote.

There is no storage dimensioning for photovoltaic system in EasySolar app, however usually this information is given by a manufacturer. If you wish to give your customer more information about the possible implementation of storage unit, you can do it in customer proposal settings.

EasySolar app gives possibility to design PV systems with trackers by going to company settings and filling in the field of performance ration (production coefficient). The yield increase due to use of solar tracker should be given by tracking system manufacturer.

If you wish to add a comment about the possible implementation of trackers, you can do it in customer proposal settings.


With EasySolar you can create an off-grid project by filling in the energy self-consumption data with 100% value and filling in the price of exported energy at 0 value.

It can be due to the project size. The app is dedicated for systems up to 300 kW. Larger systems also can be designed but the process is longer since they need time to load.

If application freezes or it shows other errors for small projects, please check your web browser. Our application support only high-quality browsers like Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Always remember to check your internet connection and refresh our site.


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