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* We recommend using the browser Google Chrome

Work remotely and improve team communication.

All functions available in the Mobile Application and through a Web Platform.

Designing panels has never been so easy and quick.

Complete the project in two minutes

Use one of the three design methods:

  • Google Maps
  • Photos - even made with your own phone
  • Screenshots

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Prepare price quote in one click!

  • The panels and inverters are automatically added to the quote.
  • Optionally, add additional categories such as installation and monitoring.
  • Add categories once to get them accessible in each successive project.
  • Enter the price in dollars per watt-peak for the entire system.

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  • Choose the sections that you want to present to the client.
  • Add descriptive sections only once - for the next projects they will be added automatically.

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MOBILE APP FOR SALES REPS - available soon

A color marking of the important tasks is quick and easy to read. That's why we created a project management system based on color statuses. Now you can quickly search projects:

  • By status
  • By any customer data such as email, address or phone number.

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easysolar cloud technology

Cloud technology

Work remotely being in touch with your team thanks to cloud technology.

The app is available from anywhere on any device. All you need in order to work with your team with no limits, share projects and send them to your customers is the internet access. Save project settings only once and work faster!

Thanks to cloud technology, settings and all other data will be saved for your next projects, no matter on which device you created your first PV design and proposal! This means, the more you use the app, the more powerful it gets!

EasySolar benefits from the latest security technology as well as monitoring (redundancy, access security, environment security, network security), which means all your data, including your customer data are safe. What's more since your data is stored not only in your local disc but also in the cloud, you get the guarantee of easy and safe backup, for instance in the event of a breakdown of your favourite device.

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