The first photovoltaic design APP

3 design methods

measurement tools

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  • „Cloud-based software is responding for solar designers’ and sales representatives’ ‘needs” SolarNovus
  • “Every project is different and requires different design method, EasySolar makes it possible to design on the map, image and sketch.“ AltEnergyMag
  • “EasySolar app provides great help in preparation of high quality proposals - not only it boosts customer acquisition but also generates time and money savings for solar companies.” Pv-magazine
  • “Cloud technology, in-built measurement tools and friendly solutions inside the software that are dedicated to all solar providers, engineers and other professionals, make it easier to sell solar.” Top Solar News

simple is more powerful

How does the Mobile App Work

One account

Subscription fee from 20 euro/month

  • unlimited numer of projects
  • access to all apps
  • no contract and easy payment
  • Up to 30 users from your company

    Select the best subscription plan for you. Then give your co-workers full or restricted access to the app and to chosen projects. Depending on subscription plan, you can have up to 30 accounts for your sales representatives having full access to EasySolar app.

    EasySolar available from smartphone and via Internet

    4 independent synchronized apps on 4 platforms

  • iOS on iPhone
  • Android
  • WindowsPhone
  • On-line app
  • Many design methods

    3 design methods:

  • Google Maps design
  • Sketch design
  • Image design
  • Each project is different and requires different design method. That’s why EasySolar makes it possible to design in 3 different ways.

    Additional tools

    The app is equipped with additional measurement tools that use features of your smartphone. Measurement includes:

  • Rooftop Inclination
  • Azimuth
  • Solar radiation
  • Shading
  • Winning customer proposals

    Load your logo, complete company data, components prices and generate professional sales proposal. What’s more with one click you can generate offer in 4 languages!

    Work faster and easier

    Possibility of working on the go, taking measurements in-situ, loading them to the project plus quick design and sales proposal generation will become your competitive advantage.

    Sales success

    Design, visualization and report presentation will translate into increase in sales and will help your business grow. Just imagine how can you use the time you saved working faster with EasySolar.

    How does the Mobile App Work

    Project centre

    see video

    Since the app is available through a web browser as well. You can access all your projects on any computer, simply by logging in at:, The web app will become your project centre and will allow you to manage your projects and sales even better when you are in the office.

    Mobile app

    The first app to design photovoltaic systems allows you to perform dimensioning, visualization and conceptual design of solar plants wherever you are using your smartphone.

    Professional sales proposals

    Ground mounted

    Rooftop Google Maps

    Rooftop image

    The greatest benefit of EasySolar app is the professional proposal generation that will increase your sales by even 25%.

    You just need to save your settings once to generate the rest of proposals for your customers in 5 minutes.

    Register, pay subscription plan and start using the app on any platfrom from 20 euros a month

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    EasySolar is the the first app to design photovoltaic systems and create amazing offers that completely change the way solar professionals work

    EasySolar app means:

    • faster work
    • quicker interaction with customers
    • being even more professional
    • effective collaboration in your team
    • spending short time preparing offers
    • in-built measurement tools
    • creating and managing offers
    • access to advanced algorithms from smartphone level
    • access to the largest product base
    • presentation of different possibilities to your customers
    • financial analysis presentation in graphical form


    With an emphasis on functionality focused on great design.

    Get a little closer to the EasySolar App. Hover to Magnify.